About Us

How it started

Pili lures were Invented in the early 80’s by Peter Dunn Rankin. By using surfboard foam and resin he created a unique surface popper that revolutionized the topwater fishing world.  Our lures have been Proven around the world from Poland, Florida, Midway,  Japan, etc.   Acquired in 1984 by Mark Santiago, the production moved to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Since then, several new models have been introduced incorporating the original foam core design.  All lures are handmade in Hawaii.

Our mission

We are committed to perpetuate fishing for future generations, “Take a Kid Fishing”.   We love Food, family and fun.  we make lures so you can make lifelong memories.

Our Passion

The construction consisted of a single stainless steel wire form extended from nose to tail and a core made of foam for buoyancy.  Each lure is airbrushed to mimic baitfish, combined with extra strong treble hooks that are designed to battle GTs.  Every lure is handmade like a surfboard, these lures are collectors’ items.  each lure is “One of a kind”.